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Assorted winter salad

Assorted winter salad

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The recipe looks very appetizing so I said I should try it. I don't know where it is from, as I said before, I have a lot of recipe pages in a few bookshelves. This is probably from Libertatea for women, but I don't put my hand in the fire.

6 jars of 720 ml

  • 1 kg gogosari
  • 1 small cabbage
  • 1 small celery
  • 2-3 carrots
  • 2-3 bell peppers
  • 15 peppercorns
  • 500 ml of 9 degree vinegar
  • 150 ml of honey
  • salt
  • some fresh celery leaves (I didn't have any)

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Assorted winter salad:

All the vegetables are washed, cut into slices or as you want, salt and leave for 15-20 minutes.

In a pot put the vinegar on the fire, add honey and peppercorns. Let it boil for 2-3 minutes and add the green celery (if we have it).

Put the chopped vegetables in jars, the remaining juice, add the fish, then add the hot vinegar and seal the jars. I put dill on the bottom of each jar.

The jars are turned over several times to penetrate the vinegar between the layers, after which they are placed in thick beds.

Winter salad, fasting

Oana, are you stupid, insensitive, illiterate or mentally insane? Which one of them?

Question: if I can't find a cucumber wrapped in a tip, what can I do, can I put one without a tip?

If it's fasting salad looking for mayonnaise in it. /

Weak and the quantities do not indicate them properly. A jar of pickles? Well, if you use chicken for home consumption, it also weighs 3 kg, so how many pickled cucumbers is equivalent to a pickled cucumber? 2 or 3, or 6-7 if they are cornishon (of the very small ones)

Green lettuce salad

Recipe of lettuce salad which I am writing today in the virtual cookbook is a traditional recipe in our parts, that is in Moldova. It's a childhood recipe I could say. I grew up with her and I know her from my grandmother. She did it when the last green patlags were gathering from the fire.

In our country, nothing is thrown away in the house, but everything is capitalized on. That's how I was raised, educated. So for the plantains, what was left after I put the pickled gogons for the winter, it was their turn to be transformed into a simple and delicious dish: lettuce salad or gogonele salad. What do you want to call it?

It is a dish from the "Appetizers" category that is based on a simple recipe, similar to that of eggplant salad.

It is very easy to make and has only 4 basic ingredients: green lentils (gogonele), salt, oil and green onions. Quantities? Here it depends on everyone's taste, how much the gogonele wants to use to make it, how "fat" this salad would like to be with green onions, and how onion-flavored it would be.

I'm going to write you some quantities, although I thought it wouldn't make much sense because the tastes differ and being such a simple recipe you can't go wrong when you do it.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind it's about choosing paddles. There are the beds and the beds. Some greener, others with reddish parts, a sign that they had started to ripen when the cold hit them. To be tastier lettuce saladideal would be to mix, to "get lost" among the very green beds and some with reddish parts. It comes out tastier this way.

You can go beyond the basic recipe and adapt it to your tastes. Add for example, turmeric, or pepper or ginger or any spice you want. You could even add mayonnaise. That's if you don't want it vegan (fasting).

Method of preparation

Winter salad with broccoli and cauliflower

Put a pot of cold water to boil. Add a pinch of salt to the water. When it starts to boil

Vegetable salad for the winter

A delicious salad next to a stew or a steak. We open the cauliflower in small bunches, o

Pickled salad in mustard sauce is one of the tastiest pickle recipes. It goes very well with grilled or baked steaks, but also with snails, Cordon Bleu or Pui Kiev. This salad will be exactly what you need next to the pork steak, on the Christmas table.

Pickled salad in mustard sauce it's easy. The slightly spicy sweet-sour taste is very pleasant with the vegetables marinated in vinegar.

Different colors, tastes, flavors and textures turn this salad into a sensational one. I used donuts, donuts, carrots, celery, onions.

I adapted the recipe after the one I received from my friend, Inna. I first ate this salad with her many years ago and I really liked it, so I really wanted to do it too. I've already eaten half a small jar.

He told me that the last time he didn't resist very well. I also used pickle salt without her recipe. I left you the picture with at the end pickle salad recipe in mustard sauce which Inna sent me.

Because I already had more donuts in the house than were listed in the recipe, I didn't add any fat peppers.

I have also prepared other pickle salads over time. One sweet - sour 100% natural and one with preservative.

All my pickle salad recipes are received from friends or friends.

We are in the month when everyone puts cans for the winter. Whether gogogari, either gogonele, cucumbers or assorted pickles, or such salads.

One of the most beautiful cans in my pantry this fall is pink pickled cauliflower in beetroot.

I usually put small-medium quantities of all kinds of cans, so that my pantry is full and beautiful.

Pickle salads are some of the most popular pickles, so I'm glad to offer you as many recipes as possible.

I saw on the net some variants of donut recipes in mustard sauce, with the mustard boiled in vinegar. That sauce becomes liquid, not thick and creamy as in this recipe.

Well, the sauce doesn't boil in this salad. Roast the vegetables one at a time, then leave to cool completely.

The vegetables cooked in vinegar are mixed with 90% of the sauce. The remaining 10% is distributed in all jars, above the salad, before sealing the jars.

Then boil the jars in water (greasing) for 30 minutes and leave to cool under the beds. No more is needed. Mustard sauce (called mustard mayonnaise here) remains thicker and I think this contributes to the particularly good taste of this pickle salad.

My opinion is that this pickle salad in mustard sauce is the best pickle salad recipe of the three I have prepared so far.

Here is the list of ingredients and how to prepare pickle salad in mustard sauce.


(for 2 jars of 1300 ml and 1 jar of 800 ml)

1.3 kg donuts weighed after being cleaned of stalks and seeds

1 kg onion (weighed after being cleaned)

1 very large celery root

30 g pickle salt + 1 tablespoon for rubbing onions

300 g plain mustard

For a start, I turned on the oven and sterilized the jars and lids, previously washed very well.

I boiled the vinegar with water, sugar and salt until they melted. I washed the donuts well, cut them and removed the stalks, seeds and ribs, then cut them into 1 cm slices and scalded them for a maximum of 5 minutes in vinegar over medium heat. I checked after 3 minutes if the slices are still crispy. I put them in 3-4 tranches so that they fit well and are evenly covered with vinegar. Do not boil excessively for a long time, so as not to porridge. The salad will not be good with soft donuts.

I took out the donuts, draining them as much as possible of the vinegar, then I in turn scalded the sliced ​​gogons, the sliced ​​carrots, very thin slices (but they can also be grated), the grated celery and the Julien chopped onion. The onion was rubbed with salt beforehand and left for 5-10 minutes, then squeezed and scalded.

I let all the vegetables cool completely, then I put them in the same bowl. With a vertical mixer I mixed the mustard with oil until I obtained a homogeneous cream, like a mayonnaise.

Depending on the number of jars and the amount of salad in them, mustard sauce is kept to cover the salad, as a kind of seal.

The rest of the sauce mix with the chilled vegetables completely. Put the salad in jars, then with a spoon (or a teaspoon in small jars) mustard sauce on top, spread, then seal with lids that close well.

They are placed in a large pot, on the bottom of which I put a towel. Arrange another towel between the jars, so that they do not stick to each other. The water reaches 3/4 of the height of the jars.

Boil for 30-40 minutes, from the moment the water boils. Leave for 2 hours then remove and leave to cool under the blanket until the next day. Dusting (boiling jars in bain marie) jars with pickle salad is mandatory if you want them to last a long time.

The jars of pickle salad in mustard sauce keep excellently in a very cool place & # 8211 cellar, pantry.

I wish you more time preparing canned food for the winter.

I invite you to subscribe to the You Tube channel to see how we prepared simple and tasty recipes in the video version.

Assorted vegetable salad for winter

I thought of contributing with this recipe that brings a large intake of vitamins to the winterer.

Ingredients: Cucumbers, carrots, peppers (I put donuts), white and red cabbage, cauliflower, celery leaves & # 8230 You also need vinegar and water (one part 9 degree white wine vinegar, two parts water), coarse salt (30 grams per liter of liquid, ie a tablespoon of v & acircrf), sugar (1 tablespoon and a half in a 800g jar) and spices as each wants, preferably mustard seeds, pepper and coriander, dill seeds, leaves laurel, maybe a clove or two.

Wash the vegetables and let them drain. The cabbage and pepper are cut into small pieces, the carrot is put on the grater with large fangs, the cauliflower is cut into smaller bunches, and the tender part of its stalks and cucumbers are cut into thin slices. All vegetables must be cut just as thinly so that they can penetrate and ripen at the same time.

Mix all the vegetables well and squeeze the salad into sterilized jars, pressing with a spoon, so that no air gaps remain. Place the celery leaves on top, but leave two fingers on the edge of the jar. Add the sugar.

Boil the vinegar with water and spices. Bring to the boil and bring to the boil.

I cut the cabbage as for the salad. I put salt on it and rubbed it a little with salt. I cut the carrots into slices and put them over the cabbage, sprinkled a little salt on them.

I cut the fish onion and put it over the carrots, and over the onion I sprinkled a little salt again. Over the onion I put the sliced ​​cucumbers and sprinkled with salt followed by peppers. I also cut the peppers and I put them over the cucumbers then I sprinkled salt over the peppers I put the sliced ​​gogonelles and I salted them too

after a few hours they left the water. I mixed them and put them in the pantry. The recipe says that they must be left from today to tomorrow, so I did the same, in addition, when I mixed, I also put the fixed spicy envelope.

Tomorrow I will put the salad in jars and make a mixture of vinegar, sugar and spices and pour over it. In the morning I mixed it once more and I prepared the spices: mustard, pepper and coriander berries, along with dried bay leaves. I mixed 500 ml of vinegar with 150 gr of sugar.

I put in each jar 12 peppercorns, a bay leaf, a teaspoon of coriander seeds and a tablespoon of mustard seeds.

I then put the slightly squeezed salad in jars and divided the vinegar and sugar mixture into all the jars.

I filled it with the juice left by the vegetables and then I put the lids on

9 jars of 800 ml came out.
Serve with any main course with meat.

Assorted winter salad - Recipes

Message from monique1 & raquo 16/10/2017 03:43

I have preferred this salad since I was a child, I always asked my grandmother to make us baked potatoes and the pickles were like the icing on the cake :) It is an easy recipe to prepare, it does not require boiling and it is very, very tasty. After I washed and cleaned the vegetables, I started to portion them: I cut the gogonelas and the donut into slices, the carrot and cucumber into rounds, I broke the cauliflower into bunches, and I cut the red beet into cute figurines (because so my little girl wanted). After I cut them nicely, I mixed them a little between them and put them in a large jar, not before I put celery leaves in the jar, which give an extraordinary taste.

I like to prepare the brine as naturally as possible, so to 1 l of water, I added a large spoonful of coarse salt and mixed well until it melted. I poured the composition over the vegetables, covered it with a lid and put it in the pantry in a dry and cool place. We are looking forward to trying the first pickles, along with a portion of browned potatoes in the oven :)

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