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Chocolate and orange cake

Chocolate and orange cake

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I used quince jam, raspberry and plum jam more sour. Mix all the ingredients with a fork (less flour) and then gradually incorporate it. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt and a few drops of vinegar for 1 minute at low speed then 2 minutes at medium speed and finally another 2 minutes at maximum speed. We add them to the countertop composition and mix gently from the bottom up. Bake in the hot oven for 30-40 minutes. Cut the top into 3 and syrup with compote juice.

Orange cream:

Put the yolks together with the sugar on the steam bath and mix continuously until the crystals dissolve. (bath water should not boil) Then add the orange juice, essence and mix for about 10 minutes until thickened. The cream will be the consistency of a pudding or even thicker. Leave on the table until cool when it is put in the fridge.

Chocolate ganache:

Put the cream together with the cognac and the chocolate pieces in a Teflon pan over a very low heat. Stir until the chocolate dissolves. Let it cool and then put ½ of the amount of cream in the fridge. After it has cooled well, mix the two creams (the one from the fridge with the one at room temperature) until a fine cream comes out.

Countertop mounting:

Place the first syrupy top on a wire rack, grease the top with chocolate cream, place the second top, put the orange cream on top and the last top.


Melt the chocolate in the cream over low heat and then pour it in circular motions in the center of the cake, letting it drip on the edges. If it does not drain completely, we can use a spatula with which to spread the cream everywhere. Leave on the table until cool when placed in the refrigerator. Decorate according to preference.

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