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Chic Kid Eats at 'Sophie and the City: Grand Central Escapades' Premiere

Chic Kid Eats at 'Sophie and the City: Grand Central Escapades' Premiere

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Talk about sweet treats! Barneys went luxe for Kelly Florio Kasouf’s latest children's book

Francesca Borgognone

We love Sophie. We loved her first adventure and now we’re super excited that the second book, Sophie and the City: Grand Central Escapades is out and features a wonderful adventure back to the Roaring Twenties. Follow Sophie as she meets everyone from flappers to jazz musicians to fashion designers, and learns what life was really like during this era — but it is her trip to Ellis Island that teaches her the true meaning of family and courage.

Now, while the book doesn’t necessarily have much of a food angle — besides what’s on the menu at The Cotton Club — we’re talking about the fashion-forward eats from the book’s launch at Barneys New York, where champagne towers were flowing.

Held in the store’s ninth-floor kid’s haven, the scene was set for Sophie and friends. With cookies shaped like iconic New York sights like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and bright yellow taxi cabs, and chocolate milk and juice served on gold serving trays, Kasouf threw a magnificent bash.

Peony-lined tables were graced with stacks of the books, while bowls of kid-friendly foods like caramel popcorn were scattered in between. It was a fun, food-filled night for moms and kids alike.



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