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Pasta with squid sauce

Pasta with squid sauce

Pasta recipe with squid sauce by of 07/26/2020

There pasta with squid sauce it is a first course that you can cook in any season, but particularly suitable for the summer. Of course it is a fish-based first course, very tasty and quick enough to prepare. The ingredients are few and rather simple, so, as always in these cases, I recommend: choose quality ones;)
For a perfect result of the dish it is important to cook it to prevent the squid from being rubbery. In this way you will get a really full-bodied and very tasty squid ragout.


How to make pasta with squid sauce

First clean the squid (remove the beak, eyes and entrails and peel them: here you will find the complete guide), then cut them into pieces.

Brown a clove of garlic in a non-stick pan, then remove the garlic, add the squid, brown them quickly, then blend with the wine.
Once the wine has evaporated, add the puree, add salt and cook for about ten minutes.

in the meantime, cook the pasta in abundant salted water, drain it al dente and add it to the sauce, together with a lot of fresh chopped basil (if necessary, add a little water from the pasta cooking) and mix well.

The pasta with squid sauce is ready: serve it immediately.

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