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Canape 'with shrimp wrapped in bacon

Canape 'with shrimp wrapped in bacon

Canape 'recipe with prawns wrapped in bacon of 03-05-2012 [Updated on 08-06-2016]

For canapè we mean small appetizers made up of a base of bread for sandwiches spread with butter and then stuffed in various flavors, and are usually eaten in one bite. This morning I place my canapés with shrimp tails wrapped in bacon, a very tasty appetizer and suitable for both an informal lunch and for a special occasion. I told you in the newsletter that this week would be dedicated to fish-based dishes and these small canapés, which even my husband who is not a lover of the genre appreciated, could also appeal to those who do not particularly love fish. Happy Thursday to those who pass by and we will read tomorrow for a new recipe;)


How to make canapés with pancetta prawns

Prepare an emulsion with oil, salt, pepper, freeze-dried garlic and mint

Clean the prawns by removing the head, the carapace and the black fillet on the back and put them in the bowl together with the oil. Leave to flavor for about 30 minutes

Now take the prawns again, drain them from the oil and wrap them individually in the bacon

Heat a large non-stick pan and brown the shrimp on both sides for about a minute

Lift them up and keep them warm.

Cut the bread for sandwiches into rectangular pieces and cook them in the same pan in which you cooked the prawns.

Place a shrimp on each crouton and arrange the canapés on a serving dish.

Decorate your shrimp canapés with a mint leaf and serve hot

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