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Liver pate

Liver pate

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Liver pate recipe of 16-02-2018 [Updated on 30-07-2018]

The liver pate must be accompanied with gods toast or bread, as an appetizer. The recipe is certainly not one of my favorite ones, who loves liver-based preparations in the family is my father! After having made the Venetian liver just for him, I could not miss that of the paté which he apparently appreciated. This recipe is actually not very common in my part of the country, but I have always found it in the plate of appetizers when I go to Tuscany, in fact the crostini with livers (both chicken and rabbit) are a specialty of these regions. Today I start the operations for the Easter 2018 recipes and guess what I'll start from? From the video recipe of the queen of this party, and then continue next week with many new recipes for the occasion. Basins friends, I'm going ... take a turn!


How to make liver pate

Fry the onion in a pan with 25 grams of butter.
Meanwhile, remove any nerves from the liver and cut it into chunks.
Then add it to the pan together with the bay leaf.

Cook for a few minutes and then add the liqueur, removing the bay leaf.
Continue cooking, season with salt and let cool.

Now transfer the liver to the mixer with chunks of the remaining butter and blend everything.
Once you have a consistent cream, put it in the fridge for at least 3 hours, covering it with a film.

Your liver pate is ready to serve.

Video: Pâté de Campagne Recipe How to Make a Country-Style Pâté (July 2022).


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