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Lentil pasta with mushrooms

Lentil pasta with mushrooms

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Lentil Pasta Recipe with Mushrooms of 04-11-2016 [Updated 09-03-2018]

Some time ago in the magazine, I told you about legume pasta as an alternative to the pasta they usually consume. A pasta made in various formats, from fusilli to rigatoni and which contains exclusively legume flour, therefore also suitable for celiacs as it is gluten-free.
As a first test for my dishes, I decided to use the lentil paste, a very versatile base given the delicate flavor of this legume, I seasoned the dish with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes and I brought to the table a really tasty dish;)


How to make lentil pasta with mushrooms

Drain the mushrooms well and fry them in a pan with oil and a clove of garlic.

Cut the cherry tomatoes into cubes and add them to the pan together with the chopped parsley and salt. Then cook the sauce for about ten minutes.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta in plenty of salted water.
Then scoltatela and transfer it to the pan with the sauce, add the Parmesan and mix.

Your lentil and mushroom pasta is ready to be served.

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