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Pork stew with beer

Pork stew with beer

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Recipe Pork stew with beer of 10-01-2016 [Updated on 10-08-2017]

Pork stew with beer is a tasty main course, perfect to serve now that the first colds begin. In the past I had already tried to make it with beef, and on that occasion I had used a dark beer, with a strong and bitter taste. I liked the result a lot but I thought that a lighter beer would go better with pork. The procedure is similar to that of the beer meatballs of some time ago, the meat is tender and the sauce that is formed is perfect for slipper ;) I'll have another day at home, Elisa is better but she still can't go out, last night she had a high fever again, so now let's go and prepare together the gnocchi for Sunday lunch and a sweet, at least we keep busy in an activity that both of us like;) I leave you to my beer stew recipe and I go to get my hands on the dough, happy Sunday to those who pass by, kisses!


How to make beer-flavored pork stew

Mondatecarota and onion. Then cut everything into small pieces

Put them in a large pan with oil and sage and fry them, then blend everything together.

If you bought the meat in one piece, cut it into equal pieces.

Then pass them in a bowl with flour, paprika and salt.

Put the floured meat in the same pan used for the sauté and brown it for 4-5 minutes over low heat, turning it often to brown it on all sides.

Add the beer and raise the heat to let it evaporate.

Once the beer has evaporated, put the lid on, lower the heat to low and cook for about 30 minutes, turning it from time to time.
Once ready, raise the heat to reduce the cooking juices.

Serve the pork stew hot.

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