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Cordon bleu

Cordon bleu

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Cordon bleu recipe by of 23-08-2007 [Updated on 12-05-2020]

The term “Cordon Bleu” is used by many cooking schools to define prestigious haute cuisine dishes. In Italy, however, this terminology is more commonly identified as one stuffed chicken cutlet of ham and cheese.
Despite the cordon bleu are one of the best-selling products in supermarket refrigerated counters in my home have always been banned. My mom always made them at home, she made large quantities and freezed them after breading, so we had an excellent dinner saver always at hand in the freezer. Needless to say, the taste of homemade ones is another story and since they are so easy to make, why not try them? After tasting those home made I assure you that you will never buy a packaged chicken cordon bleu again;) If you want to avoid frying, you can also bake them in the oven, 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 200 ° will be enough to have a dish a little lighter;)


How to make Cordon bleu

Beat the slices of chicken breast with a meat mallet.

Stuff each slice with a little cooked ham and a slice of provolino, spreading it over half of the chicken slice and leaving the edges free.

Close the meat in portfolios.

Beat the egg in a dish with a little salt
Pass the cordon bleu first in the beaten egg and then in a plate with the breadcrumbs.

When you bread them make sure that the edges seal perfectly so as to prevent the filling from leaking out during cooking

Fry the cordon bleu in plenty of hot oil, making sure it is not too hot, otherwise the breading will burn and the whole cordon bleu remains raw.

Brown them on one side and then turn them over and cook on the other side, it will take a total of about 10 minutes.

Once ready, place them on a plate lined with absorbent paper, then serve the cordon bleu hot

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