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Chicken breast marinated in yogurt with rice noodles and tomato sauce

Chicken breast marinated in yogurt with rice noodles and tomato sauce

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The chicken:

We wash the chicken breast and cut it into small cubes.

Season it with salt and pepper, grated nutmeg and pour the yogurt over it.

Mix well so that the yogurt reaches all parts of the chicken breast cubes and put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

After that we heat a pan and put butter in it.

When the butter is melted, put the chicken breast and stir from time to time, frying it.

It needs to brown a little.


Heat the finely chopped garlic, add the basil leaves and broth.

Season with salt and pepper and simmer until slightly reduced.

We prepare the noodles according to the instructions on the package.

We put them in hot water for 4-5 minutes or in cold water for 10 minutes (that's how it was on my package), we drain them and place them on the plate.


We grind the garlic, and mix it with the rest of the ingredients. We put the pieces of pork breast (well breaded with fat & hellip) in the marinade and
mix everything so that the pieces of meat are evenly covered by the marinade.

Put everything in an airtight container and refrigerate for a few hours
(preferably from evening to morning, to have time to blend the flavors).
The next day, I put the pieces of meat in an oven bag,

I made a few holes in the top of the knife in the bag
and I put it in the hot oven for about an hour (depending on the oven).
In the last 15-20 minutes I cut the bag about 20 cm and put it back in the oven.
You can brush the meat with the oil drained from them in the bag for a redder appearance.

It's a wonder!
We don't eat much Pork, but from time to time we eat
one such unhealthy and tasty thing & hellip

Mediterranean chicken recipes for soup

1. Greek chicken soup with lemon

What makes this soup broth so delicious creamy? Surprise: it's not actually dairy.

In fact, chicken broth is not even used to flavor this melted soup in the mouth. Instead, egg yolks are used for the color of the lemon, and sauteed vegetables and herbs give it an unforgettable flavor.

Another incredible supplement: homemade dill and chives. But don't worry, although it sounds elegant, it's easy to do. Just add herbs and oil to a food processor and remove it.

Two. Slow stove, Tuscan chicken stew

Photo: Sweet peas and saffron

As much as we would like to live under the Tuscan sun, we will be content to immerse ourselves in this Tuscan stew with slow cooker.

Full of hearty vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic, and refreshed with fennel seeds and white wine, this stew is the perfect nutritious meal.

It's great for a cold day or when the immune system (or gut) needs some TLC. We like that this recipe sticks to chicken thighs, making the meat much juicier.

3. Instant chicken in the Mediterranean

When this recipe says it almost doesn't work at all, it's no joke. As with most Instant Pot meals, all you need to do is throw the objects in the pot and wait patiently for the result - which in this case only takes 20 minutes.

Stewed tomato sauce can be eaten alone if you wish. It also makes the perfect topping for cauliflower rice, quinoa or even pasta.

It also tastes delicious with a splash of freshly grated Parmesan cheese. There are simple dishes like these that make us very grateful that there is a Mediterranean diet.

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