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Godiva Chocolate Honors Lauren Bush Lauren and Her School Lunch Program

Godiva Chocolate Honors Lauren Bush Lauren and Her School Lunch Program

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Bush's FEED initiative will provide more than 300,000 meals for schoolchildren

Behold the new FEED and Godiva limited edition collection.

On April 10, Godiva, the Belgian-born, Turkish-owned premium chocolate company, invited members of the New York media to celebrate the honorees of its Lady Godiva Program.

The program shines a light on "inspirational women" around the world who are active in three areas: health, wellness, and hunger; children, family, and poverty; and the environment. In the U.S. this year, more than 5,000 women were nominated to be honored locally, while on a national level, Lauren Bush Lauren, niece of former President George W. Bush and founder of FEED Projects, has been named the official 2012 honoree.

In partnering with Godiva, Lauren is launching a limited-edition collection of FEED 10 bags at nationwide. Each bag sold will provide 10 school meals to children in cocoa-producing regions through the United Nations World Food Programme. The bags will be bundled with GODIVA chocolate for special values of $50 or $70.

By the end of 2013, GODIVA will have given more than 300,000 school meals through its two-year collaboration with FEED and their one-of-a-kind GODIVA FEED bags and chocolate collections.

In addition to celebrating Lauren’s work, Godiva named its local honoree of 2013, Heidi Markow. After the devastating loss of her sister due to domestic violence, Markow created the Beginning Over Foundation, a safe haven where battered and abused women can regain their emotional and physical strength and learn how to heal and start over.

Godiva awarded Markow with $10,000 to better her cause and will continue to honor amazing women with its Lady Godiva Program in the future.

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